Hello and welcome to our website on Above Ground Pool Facts!  Like you, we have been interested in creating our own knowledge base about above ground pools.  Our family has been contemplating an above ground pool as an alternative to the much more expensive inground pools.  As a result we have committed much time and effort to research the facts about above ground pools.  At the same time I also was experimenting with Word Press, and the  Divi builder from Elegant Themes.  I combined the two efforts and thus, our AboveGroundPoolFacts website was developed!  As my first effort at using Divi and creating a Word Press site, please forgive any shortcomings and go one better if you would; please use the Comment link on the Home Page to send me suggestions for improvements; I would really appreciate it.

You will also notice Amazon ads and Google Adsense ads on the site.  I like the ads as they have so many products which jibe with what a pool customer could benefit from reading, especially the reviews.  The site is monetized by these two methods which will hopefully help pay for software, hosting, and continued upgrades to the site.  We feel that there is a need for a site which is not produced by pool supply companies who have a vested interest in presenting their line of products.  We hope you agree and find our site to be a useful resource in helping you make informed decisions while planning your above ground pool!

So please, send along your comments, questions or share your experiences about Above Ground Pools, and we’ll put them out there for others to benefit from, or perhaps provide an answer to or share their experiences.

Enjoy, and I hope your find our website beneficial to you !

Cee Cam