Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Pool Cleaners for Safe Water!

Pool Cleaners for Safe Water !

What above ground pool cleaners / chemicals should you put to work keeping your pool stocked with sparkling, healthy water? We have already covered vacuums as a method to suck debris from the bottom of the pool liner.   How do you keep the pool liner and pool equipment clean from some of the invasive molds and bacteria that are constantly attacking them?  Pool cleaners are an integral component of a healthy environment for all pools above ground.

There also is the question of water quality, which is a huge issue.  From someone (me!) who has owned a hot tub for a decade, I can tell you that you really have to stay on top of the water and structural cleanliness.  Pool water quality monitoring should be part of your daily routine.  It takes commitment and some understanding of chemical attributes and desired readings.


Water Quality

As mentioned earlier, there are machines in the above ground pool vacuum section that remove most of the dirt, debris, and other visible materials that enter your pool from the outside environment.  They save you time and effort looking after the obvious, observable intruders to your above ground pool environment. However, what is not visible to the naked eye is arguably much more serious a threat to your pool health and yours!  Pool filters can remove much of the minutia debris flowing through the circulation system, but cannot get them all.

The water contaminants that are very small, and the bacteria that you cannot see at all, are not managed by the pool vacuums, skimmers, or your long leaf pole, or your pool filter. Conditions which effect water quality are temperature, moisture, ph levels, and oxygen.  A pool has all four of these elements in abundance, making them a perfect target for the development of bacteria and algae.  If you are going to manage the health of your own swimming pool, you must become familiar with the methods of applying and measuring the effectiveness of your chemical pool cleaners.


Chemical Pool Cleaners

There are three different types of chemicals used in cleaning pools:

1. Sanitizers
2. Balancers
3. Specialized Chemicals


These are disinfectants.  The most commonly used chemicals in swimming pools have been chlorine and bromine.  However, lately salt water pools have replaced the traditional insertion of those chemicals.  The salt water filters through the water and results in chlorine being introduced to the water in a less harsh manner.  It is more costly as special equipment is required, but is quickly becoming the standard method sanitizing swimming pools.


These chemicals control the relational chemical mix in your swimming pool.  Your pool ph and alkalinity are controlled by balancers.  Calcium and magnesium also have to be balanced in order to keep the pool water clear and non-corrosive on the equipment they pass through, such as heaters, filters, and pumps.
Sodium carbonate will enhance ph levels, while sodium hydrogen carbonate will enhance alkaline levels.

Specialized Chemicals

Specialized chemicals are used to assist the aforementioned sanitizers and balancers.  They ‘fine tune’ conditions of water clarity and hardness.  As well, if there suspicions of the presence of algae in the swimming pool that would be a case for a specialized chemical to be introduced.
Below are some top-rated pool cleaners in complete chemical kit format.  Pass your cursor over the picture to be taken to Amazon and find product descriptions and pricing.  It is important to check out the reviews, because the folks that have used these pool cleaners are the best resource for understanding the ins and outs of the pool cleaners application.
In the Swim Basic Startup Chemical Kit

In the Swim Basic Startup Chemical Kit up to 7500 gallons

Spring Swimming Pool Start-Up Opening Chemical Kit For Pools Up To 30,000 Gallon

Spring Swimming Pool Start-Up Opening Chemical Kit For Pools Up To 30,000 Gallon

In The Swim Super Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit - Up to 30,000 Gallons

In The Swim Super Pool Opening Chemical Start Up Kit – Up to 30,000 Gallons