Above Ground Pool Decks

Pool decks are the areas immediately surrounding your pool, above ground or inground.  The only limits to decking are access to plans and dollars, and help if you don’t DIY.  Pool owners have displayed great imagination and it is truly remarkable to view their creations.  You can do the same!

Construction Materials

You will find that an inground pool usually has a concrete deck, which is stamped to make it fancier..  Their decks can be only a foot wide along a non transitory area, or their concrete deck can be much of the backyard!

Pool owners construct above ground pool decks from wood or alternative wood products,.  They build their pool decks to match up with the height of the pool walls.  As the decking will be splashed with water on a continuous basis, I suggest that treated wood is the preferred product in this, and most other outdoor applications.

Minimize or eliminate the possibility of slips from puddled or pooled water on wooden pool decks.   Choose from a variety of solutions and related products to apply to the problem.


Non Slip Coatings

Above Ground Pool Deck

Anti Skid Pool Deck Coating

Brush non-slip coatings onto decks just as you would apply a paint, stain or sealer.  Their acrylic base, and slight texture infused in them minimizes any slippage.  You can apply them to most types of decking surfaces including wood.  If you search around you can find colored versions, or use clear if you choose.  These coatings are great for the DIY.  Brush or roll the coating on the deck and that is all it takes.  No special skills required!




Abrasive Tape

Texture is the key to minimizing slippage on your pool deck.  Not only can you paint on a coating with texture, but you can also purchase textured abrasive tape to apply to your deck.  You apply it the same way you would any other tape.  The one drawback is that the strips can peel up from the deck.  Another more expensive alternative is installing abrasive strips by screwing them to the deck.  One step up from the strips are non-slip boards that have abrasive strips installed in them.  Limit their installation in the higher wet deck traffic areas as they are costly.  Find a forum such as Gardeners World where the topic is slippage issues on bridges over ponds, and you’ll discover many options for your deck.  Some even have a faux grass cover so you do have options for appearance as well!



Above Ground Pool Decks

Foam Rubber Backed Deck Mat

Deck mats  shed water through their mesh construction which allows water to drain through.   This trait makes them very effective for non-slip applications around pools and hot tubs.  Boaters use deck mats on the decks of larger boats.  Of course, their rug-like nature makes them very easy to place, adjust, and remove.   One drawback is their appearance, which however can be advantage as they can easily be replace when weathered.



Access to Plans

If you are a do-it-yourselfer you can plan and then build your own deck.  If you aren’t a DIY, then you can hire a contractor. Either way requires you to have a set of plans.  Contractors will often have experience with above ground pool decks, consequently ask them to share their ideas with you.  However, ultimately the decision will rest with you as to what your backyard oasis will look like. Details of installation and prepping for above ground decking options are many and varied, and readily available on the internet.  Here is an example of a project built around a 21 foot diameter pool.  Follow the link for the great result and the step by step photo story of the project.

When planning for pool decks installation, it is important to consider the other equipment or accessories that will be a part of the overall package.  Pool heaters  , pool pumps and pool steps must be accommodated.

The images I have included below for your consideration are from Pinterest !  If you aren’t a member, then you should be before you make a decision on your above ground pool decks plans.  The myriad photos of above ground pool decks will both amaze and inspire you!  Time perusing Pinterest is time well spent!


Above Ground Pools Decks

Above Ground Pools Decks


 Manufactured Options

For the pool owner who wants a different type of decking, he can consider the many manufactured packages made for pool decks. Those pool decks are more minimalist in size and require less yard space and are constructed of powdercoated rust resistant metal and resin planking.

Above Ground Pool Decks

Vinyl Works Above Ground Swimming Pool Resin Deck Kit – Taupe 5 x 13.5 Feet