Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes, and Pricing

Above ground pool styles, shapes and pricing are many and varied! With such a variety to choose from, you may find yourself doing a lot of inet surfing to see all of the opportunities awaiting your consideration.

Above Ground Pool Styles

The topic of pool styles is wide ranging and full of discovery for above ground pool newbies.  This page attempts to cover the variances which are most pertinent to that shopper.   Hopefully what is included here is useful to those who are new to the deep end of their own above ground pool project!

Ring Pools

Above ground pool styles begin with the smallest which do not require a frame support.  They have a ring which is inflated above the water line.   Because of their engineering, they resemble a leprechaun’s pot of gold!  Ring pool styles are maximum 15 feet in diameter.  As there is no frame support, there is no assembly required!  This model holds 3284 gallons of water, which is at the very large end of the ring pool scale.   There also is a 10 foot x 30 inch version of this pool.

Ring Pools Are Good Starter Pools

Ring pools are a convenient choice as there is no assembly required and they are easy to carry into the back yard after ordering online.  In a half hour you can be enjoying your new pool!  Ring pools are also a great way to discover if a backyard pool is for you.  Especially relevant is that their low cost almost makes them a throw away at the end of the season.  Even though these are the smallest pools, ring pools have enough water in them to be treated with chemicals.  When the outdoor pool season ends, these pools can be drained, deflated, and stored inside.

Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes and Prices

Intex 15ft X 42in Easy Set Pool Set

Frame Pools

These above ground pool styles are erected inside an outlying frame, which is usually made of powder coated steel.  A common example is shown below.  Most noteworthy, this 12 foot diameter swimming pool has a frame but holds only half   (1718 gallons) of the inflatable 15 diameter pool above. It also comes in a 15 foot x 48 inch version.  The pool walls are similar to the ring pool in that they are made of strong vinyl.  These pools are much less of a temporary nature, which is due to the base preparation required.  As well, they can be quite large and difficult to work with.

Above Ground Pools Styles, Shapes and Prices

Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes and Prices

Intex 18′ x 48″ Ultra Frame Above Ground Pool







Steel Frames and Panels

The larger the pool the more support it requires.  Generally when above ground pools have 15,000 gallons of water or more they will probably have steel frames and steel panels. Pools with heavy liners and frames are  in the previous section. Steel frames and panels pool styles can be very large indeed.  They are permanent structures that can carry pro-rated warranties for up to 20 years or more !  You can see some variants of these swimming pools below.

Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes and Prices

Rugged Steel 18-ft Round 52-in Deep Metal Wall Swimming Pool Package

Pool Styles Shapes


Circular pools styles we have seen in abundance, and so won’t add more.  Let’s look at examples of other shapes that are available, and in what styles and sizes.  Keep in mind that when you click on the images you can sometimes discover that the particular model comes in many sizes.


Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Bestway 118 x 79 Inches Deluxe Splash Frame Pool


Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes and Prices

Intex 14′ x 42″ Prism XL Frame Square Above Ground Pool Set with Filter Pump


Above Ground Pool Styles, Shapes and Prices

Splash Pools GA NB331852DG-CFP Slim Style Georgian Complete Above Ground Pool Package, 33′ x 18′ x 52″


When you click on the images above, you will directed to Amazon and see the pricing for all of the pool styles displayed here.  These are only a small sample of the stock that Amazon carries which you will find for yourself by doing a little more surfing.  Prices vary greatly.  You can buy a 12 foot ring pool for a couple of hundred dollars, yet you can spend over a couple of thousand dollars for an all steel 24 foot or greater oval or circular model.  It is important to consider that some of these models come complete with all required equipment, while others do not.  If you have to individually purchase a pool heater, pool pump, pool filters and pool covers the cost will rise significantly.  Pool steps or decking will add to the final tally.


Click on the link to Trevioutdoorleisure’s  warranty page.  Trevi is the largest inground and above ground pool manufacturer in Canada, which is according to their website.  Scroll down until you get to the English translation if required.  They have a 25 year warranty, and that definitely sounds great !  However, you will note this warranty puts much of the burden of travel of labor on the customer, in addition to half of the product replacement cost.  Trevi prorates all elements after two years.  Read up on the warranty and compare so that you can make an informed decision.  I haven’t read up on warranties of other pool manufacturers, but I would imagine they would be similar.


Feel a bit overwhelmed?  I felt the same when first reviewing the availability of above ground pool styles, shapes and pricing.  I suggest that you check out what an online supplier like Amazon has to offer.   Afterwhich maybe move on to big box stores such as Home Depot that retail above ground pools.  I have compared them to Amazon and they seem to be more expensive but do your homework.  In addition, contact a local pool contractor and see if they handle above ground pools. At this point you will have the information you need prior to discussing your options with the professional.  In addition to your investigations, I hope this page helps you to make an informed decision.