Above Ground Pools Advantages


Above Ground Pools advantages are obvious when one thinks about it.  Also known as on ground pools, they compare well against inground pools when certain variables come into play.  The popularity of above ground pools is reflected in the following statistic shared by swimuniversity on Jan 17, 2013 in Home . California at that time had 3 million pools.  50.6 % were inground pools.  47.1% were above ground pools, and 2.9% were commercial pools. The popularity of above ground pools is undeniable.  There is a huge range of above ground pool styles, shapes and pricing from which to choose.  While the inground pool industry has slowed in some markets, above ground pool sales have shown growth.  The factors below have contributed to that rise in popularity.

Cost of Purchase

Inground pools, depending upon size, landscaping, and accessories, can cost from $30,000 to $100,000 or more.  One contractor I spoke to quoted a standard 16×32 inground swimming pool with a cement deck and all equipment at $70,000.  Above ground pools can cost one-tenth of that total.  And cost counts.  In July my wife and I were looking at some homes for sale and found a nice house with a fantastic lake view as well!  Those factors resulted in the house being priced at the top of our price range.  While physically there was room for a 16 x 32 foot inground pool, there certainly wasn’t room in our budget!  An above ground pool was very doable financially, and the inground was not possible in that regard.

Cost of Repairs

Above ground pool repairs are cheaper than those for inground pools for a variety of reasons.  One is easy access to the issue.  Excavation isn’t a factor in above ground pool repairs.  Once excavating starts you are looking at some serious costs.  Also replacement or repair to an item like a liner is cheaper because the item was cheaper initially.  Ease of access to the problem and the repair itself are both wins for above ground pools advantages.

Quicker Turn Around Time

It can take until the next season to have your inground swimming pool planned and installed.  One of the above ground pools advantages is that it can be up and running within two weeks of your decision.  This is a major advantage in our opinion.


Many budgets are requiring less time away on vacations, so some creativity at home helps.  As noted above, you can be swimming in your above ground pool within two weeks of ordering it online.  What better way to keep the kids entertained than playing in the new swimming pool!  And with an above ground pool, you can make it happen in time for the upcoming holidays, not for next year.

Available Space

Above ground pools advantages can sometimes include available space.  My wife and I realize that the home we will ultimately purchase may not have the yard space to accommodate a traditional inground pool.  A major slope in the back yard restricts space available for a pool.  The could be a small backyard because of the positioning of the house on the lot.  Maybe the house itself has a very large footprint.  Perhaps the lot pocket was not that large to begin with.  At any rate, if you don’t have enough room for an inground pool and are approaching splash pool dimensions, the above ground pool may be your best option.

Above ground pools sizes start at in 10 feet in diameter.  As mentioned earlier, a standard size for an inground swimming pool is 16 x 32 feet.  Any smaller than that and your cost per foot goes up substantially.  That said, many folks choose basically a splash pool which is close to the size of an above ground pool.  The consideration of cost in a small area for a splash versus above ground pool must be a deal breaker for many.   Of course adding decking minimizes the above ground pool size advantage.  We will see many example of decking on the above ground pool decking page, but don’t forget that anything less than 4 feet will not be large enough to accommodate deck chairs or swimmers passing each other on the deckway.

Installation Location Ease of Access

Above Ground Pools Advantages.

Smaller excavator used for tight spaces.

Above ground pools advantages are found in restricted access to the back yard, or future pool space wherever in the yard that may be.  Some yards don’t allow easy access for front end loaders to excavate.  This is a problem to allow for an easy concrete pour if the shell is to be of that material.  Of course there are mini front end loaders that can work their way along tight access spaces between yards. However it takes many man hours to dig at that rate, and also to remove the dug up dirt.

Safety for Children

The final and most important of the above ground pools advantages over inground pools is safety.   Children cannot fall into them if the pool doesn’t have decking! The pool sides are generally four feet and higher, and you can also install a fence above (see product below) them to increase the access height.  Above ground pool steps must be made safe as well, and you can read in detail about this issue at the bottom of the page on Pool Steps.  This safety factor for young children is a major above ground pools advantage!

Above Ground Pools Advantages

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In conclusion, above ground pools advantages over inground swimming pools are many and varied.  A final word would be that if you decide on experiencing your own backyard swimming pool, an above ground pool would be a relatively inexpensive way to discover if the pool ownership life is for you!